Pinterest will fail you, chocolate never will.

Nailed it. It is a term in the urban dictionary defined as trying something from the popular app known as “Pinterest” and failing. Not that the urban dictionary is known to be the most reliable source of information, but in this case the sheer number of times the term is used indicates its need to be added to the website. It’s is some consolation, knowing that I’m not the only person out there who is not perfect. Somehow it reminds me of the definition of insanity. Everyone has at least one, a pinterest fail. Somehow, we get drawn back in for another round, thinking this time will go differently. I have had more then one EPIC pinterest fail. I remember trying to bake Nova Scotia oat cakes. We had them on out honeymoon in Nova Scotia. slightly warm with jam. Slightly sweet but sturdy and they were delicious , I popped on pinterest trying to find a starting point to recreate them… Post said Blue ribbon award. Lets just say I found out what NOT to do…Scorched parsnip fries, they were close to ash… And don’t get me started on the crafting project with the glitter. It looked like I murdered Tinkerbell for weeks. If I was Edison I would say ” I have not failed, I have just found 10, 000 ways that wont work.” But I am not Edison, I truck myself out to my kitchen and pull down my jar of cocoa. I slowly add the rich dark powder to the blender and push puree.

Every gift God freely gives us is good and perfect, streaming down from the Father of lights, who shines from the heavens with no hidden shadow or darkness and is never subject to change.

James 1:17

Cocoa, isn’t it amazing to just sit and think about the fact God created cocoa. Like He was up there sitting and thinking, planning the whole world …they need cocoa tree because Eve is gonna get real cranky after eating the apple. All joking aside though it is so versatile. I’m not just speaking about desserts, but savory dishes too. Mexicans have been using cocoa to add depth of flavor to spice blends since the days of the Aztecs. Pies, cookies, cakes, chilies, dry rubs, and even drinks would not be the same without it.

Today I’m am sharing a raw pudding recipe. Raw pudding, perfect for those busy days when you need a fix. Perfect for kids, sweetened naturally, so you won’t crash. It can easily be turned into a chocolate smoothies with addition of a little extra almond milk and ice for a cool summer patio dessert. I first got this recipe 12 years ago from a friend named Caroline who attended a raw foods class. She would feed it to everyone who claimed they hated avocado trying to convert them. I think she had more then one convert. Remember the better the cocoa the darker and richer it will be.

OK, i spilled my little Pinterest secrets, Your turn!! Comment below on your worst Pinterest Fails. Promise We will love you anyway !

Raw- Vegan Chocolate Pudding – approx. 4-6 servings

  • 1 1/2 ripe avocados
  • 1 large ripe banana
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa (try organic if possible)
  • 1/2 cup  creamy or crunchy natural peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup Date puree (or to taste) **
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • Coconut whipped cream**

Puree, everything in blender until smooth. Layer into serving dishes, alternating with coconut whipped cream. Best if Served fresh. For smoothies: add a cup of ice and extra milk to blender to thin out mixture to milkshake consistency. Blend until smooth.

** To make date puree simply blend dates fully in food processor or cook on stovetop with enough water to cover until thick paste forms. I find stove top works best to fully break down fibers. Cool fully before use, and store in fridge.

** For coconut whipped cream : use full fat coconut cream let sit in fridge a few hour it will separate, open and pour off coconut water and whip with beaters until thick whip cream forms.

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