Ariel Eats Salad- Cucumber Melon

Have you Seen the newest Disney parody video? I used to be a character entertainer. So when I stumbled onto this youtube Disney Covid 19 quarantine video – I was laughing so hard it hurt. My kids came up from the basement to check to make sure I was ok…I started it over to show them, and they bust a gut too. This is what happens to Disney lovers when stuck inside to long…The struggle is real. I remember one little girl quietly asking a certain mermaid princess what her favorite food was. My co worker promptly swishes her tail and replied “Salad of course, I’m a Vegan.” Her mother later told me that child now eats her veggies without complaint. Forks over knives …or should I say Dinglehoppers over knives?!?

My lovely neighbor from down the street had an abundance of produce given to her and showed up at our door, with the fresh green beans and oranges there was a half a melon. Perfect for a quick “mermaid inspired” salad.

He will be standing firm like a flourishing tree planted by God’s design,deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss,bearing fruit in every season of his life.

Psalm 1:3

It took me a long while to develop a fondness for melon. Eating it plan just was blah, and those breakfast bars did not help at all. Have you ever noticed when you go to those breakfast bars the fruit salad all tastes like soggy melon? Yeah not pleasant. I first had this salad back in culinary school. We would all make dishes assigned to us and then sample each dish that was made, giving marks for flavor, looks and prep. This dish surprised me, I figured I would not like it based on melon alone and it helped change my view of melon. The fresh light cucumber, slight tang of the apple slices through the sweet of the melon. The contrasting crisp apple crunch and soft melon is really nice balance. Not to mention how beautiful it is… I mean seriously it’s just so pretty. It’s like Easter on a plate. Perfect for any brunch you might be planning. Who wouldn’t want to sit down out on their patio with a beautiful plate like this? You cannot complain you don’t have the time to fuss over your meals people….all we have is time right now. So go ahead, make your plate look like a million bucks. Your worth it!

To achieve above look: Use a peeler or a wide spiralizer blade or mandolin to make long strips of zucchini and cucumber. I mention Fuji (sweet) or granny smith (tart) apples – they are really crunchy apples and hold up well as contrast in salads. Choose the apples you prefer to eat raw. This salad also tastes amazing with a little Vegan feta – for vegan feta recipe click here.

Cucumber Melon Salad

  • 1 med cucumber – sliced thinly
  • 1 med zucchini – sliced thinly
  • 1/2 small cantaloupe – chopped
  • 1 firm Fuji or Granny smith apple
  • 1/4 cup fresh or frozen pomegranate seeds
  • 1/4 walnuts

Dressing (optional)

  • 2 TBS olive oil
  • 1 1/2 red wine vinegar
  • Salt & pepper to taste

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    1. Thanks so much, glad you like it. I will definetly take a look. 🙂

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