Festive Friday – Homemade Party mix

It’s Festive Friday once again. So why not take advantage of the time and the sales. After all who knows if we will end up in lock down again. So each Friday we will bring you a new Festive Holiday favourites from our house to your phone or tablet ….you get the idea.

Right now, they have a lot of cereal and dry goods on sale. I keep watch and pick up a few boxes when I see a good deal. Reason- well cereal is always good for the pantry – we love our pantry here – but at this time of year I squirrel it away for something special – a Christmas tradition. NUTS & BOLTS aka Chex party mix.

This tradition comes from the in laws. When I started dating my husband I received a ziploc bag of party mix. It was yummy and I had never seen or heard of any person making their own. When I married and moved out to a small little farm- I phoned said mother in-law, determined to be the perfect Christmas wife. I followed her recipe and burned it. My husband ate it saying he liked it buuuut I am pretty sure I saw some squirrels snacking on burnt shreddies the following week.

Fear not my fellow readers – I have now learned the error of my ways and have made many successful and even dare I say tastier batches then that of my mother in laws. Now before the health folks out there scream, this is a festive food so yes it is indulging.

Be warned – this is a bulk mix. I make up a huge batch and package and give it ways as gifts. You can half it …I suppose … but why would you want to? It is THAT good. If your allergic to something just omit and substitute your favourite snack.

Better then Mother in Law’s Party Mix :

  • 1 400 g bag pretzels
  • 1 box Chex cereal ( we prefer rice)
  • 1 box cheerios
  • 1 box shreddies
  • 1 400 g bag hard cheezies
  • 1 box of tiny snacking crackers – like oyster or goldfish
  • 3-4 cups of mixed nuts
  • The Seasoning Sauce:
  • 1 1/2 cups butter melted
  • 1/4 cup Worcestershire
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp celery salt
  • Optional : 1 tsp chilli powder

Mix dry ingredients together – sounds weird but I use a clean Rubbermaid tote bin.

Make sauce : mix butter and spices together.

Drizzle sauce over dry mix and coat dry ingredients well

In batches: bake at 250 C (120F) for 1.5 hour stir or toss regularly during baking – I use my largest roasting pans- but any baking sheet or dish that will fit your oven will do – and fill them tossing gently during baking.

Keep an eye on making as your oven may vary from mine and may not need full 1.5 hours. You will notice some browning and cereal should all be dry to touch.

Cool fully and enjoy! Store in airtight containers or ziploc.

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