Garden planning… a Garden journal post.

Have you ever made gardening mistakes? I know I have. I do not have a natural green thumb it is been trained. I am still learning too.

I learned- do not plant what you do not actually eat or preserve. Or you will have a bumper crop of eggplants like I had one year and nothing to do with them.

Also plan for storage – or you will have all kinds of food with no place to put them. Make sure your have enough space before the harvest so your able to save your hard work.

Lastly keep out pests – in my case critters. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy chicken wire – it’s a hot commodity because of covid. And we plan to fence off my row gardens to prevent my 60lb critter of a puppy from eating or trampling all of my plants- like he did last year.

As you can tell, my little urban backyard garden is designed as a preserving garden. I either eat it fresh out of the garden or we preserve it by freezing or canning for use later. I now only grow what we plan to eat. I also supplement what we do not grow with bulk direct from farm produce, like peaches, or cherries.

This year I am using seeds from – Oh Canada Seeds – a non GMO non hybrid heirloom company out of Halifax. I ordered 2 small garden multipack via Amazon. (Now they offer big garden pack too) It came with 10 different compact vegetables all heirloom selected for Canada’s short growing season. See below for contents.

  • Scotia tomatoes
  • Scarlet Nante carrot
  • Black beauty zucchini
  • Space master bush cucumber
  • Provider beans
  • Dwarf blue kale
  • Cali wonder peppers
  • Sugar Ann peas** – will purchase more because only came with handful.

With the many positive reviews and the uncertainty of lockdowns still looming. I went ahead and ordered and look forward to collecting and saving the seeds for use next year with my kids.

I will also be planting PEI fingerling potatoes in large rubber tote and we currently already have a crop of raspberry and blackberry canes and a few strawberry plants.

I will be starting some of the seeds soon to get a head start for may planting. I do plan to post results of my urban gardening – so follow along to the garden journal posts if your interested. I will also be rotating my crops for the first time this year – Pray I can find spots where everything will thrive in a new location.

What do you plan to grow this year?

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