Sprouting – a Garden Journal post

Sprouts, what a lovely word. It has been a just about week since I planted my space saver cucumbers and Scotia tomatoes – but I have had very fruitful results. (Pun intended).

My seeds came in the Oh Canada- small garden seed heritage package and specifically designed for northern climate gardens. (avail on amazon ) True I was skeptical at ordering seed online- you always wonder in back of your mind if it is legit or if you will get a hand full of rocks.

Well let me enlighten you about these seeds. They are clean, packed neatly and labeled. The amounts seemed small at first glance, as everything was packed in tiny zip top baggies.

I used a peat based soil-less seed starting mix in plastic containers. I also used a heated grow mat to keep steady temp. An old towel acted as a capillary mat and a small desk top grow light system (Sunblaster grow light system) provided constant light.

Here are the results as of this morning. – these are unedited photos because I didn’t want to disturb plant growth.

I used one seed each per container for cucumbers and they have had a 100% germination rate. The stems look thick and strong – Hopefully they can continue their strong start. Which is AMAZING! I still have 12 seeds left over.

The scotia tomatoes had 2-3 seeds in each – which I will thin out to strongest. These were the seeds I had doubts in – they were a grey colour. But never planting heirlooms before I planted them and hoped for the best. Thus far 60% have sprouted but it is still early – I am expecting the rest to follow suit. With approx 16 seeds left over.

The wild card here is the sweet peppers – no sign of life yet. But they do take a bit longer then the others to grow. I will plant Kale and summer squash next week – bit closer to planting season.

I am excited at the potential these heirloom seeds have and rather impressed at their viability. I will be updating further on other seeds included in the oh Canada seed package come planting season.

Are you sprouting veggies for spring? What are you growing?

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