Apple Juice – steam juicer

I know it is not yet harvest, but I always try and look ahead. Apples are amazing, incredibly inexpensive when in season and juicing them is just one of the many things you can do to stock them in your pantry.

I have juiced apples and other fruit in the past using a juicing machine. I never liked it. It was cloudy and not very much juice for the effort so I stopped and gave the machine away to someone else. I only bought tins of juice when on sale.

I recently had been doing research on how to attain clear juice and preserve it for my pantry. I received a steam juicer, it is a juice game changer. No weird cloudy juice or tiny portions, best part you can juice berries, stone fruit, apples grapes etc and the left over pulp can be used for fruit leather.

How it works is this – it is a 3 part pot for your stove: steam rises from a basin filled with water to fill every cell of the fruit with moisture until it ruptures and releases all that juice. This is why you get more juice out of steam juicer. The juice gets collected in a reservoir that has a hose you can use to direct fill your sterilized jars.

You simply pop those filled and sealed jars in a water bath for 10 min and bam you got fresh juice for your pantry.

Here is a demonstration provided by : Our little Homestead. She uses sugar to sweeten in this video, but it is not necessary and you can omit. We do not add sugar to our juice here. You can juice straight fruit juice or make blends or punches with grapes, cherries, berries and apples

Home Canned Juice

  • Sterilized jars/ lids and rings
  • Water bath canner
  • Steam juicer
  • Enough fruit to fill juicer basket (apples, grapes, stone fruits, berries etc)

Wash and stem fruit well. Place in steamer basket. If using, Add desired sugar amount 1/4-1/2 cup depending on fruit tartness.

Fill basin with water to the mark. Place on stove. Place reservoir and fruit basket on top . Place lid on.

Heat continually until steaming on medium heat for approx 60 min. DO NOT LET PAN RUN DRY – always ensure their is water in basin.

When juice is high enough to drain (10-20 min in to steaming) fill your sterilized jars and lid them

Process jars of juice in water bath for 10 min (up to 1,000 ft altitude) adjust time for heights above this

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