Daniel Fast spotlight- recipe sources

It is that time of year again…fasting time. Ever wonder how you never realize it is already here. Then your like AHHH what do I eat…

What is Daniel fast?

Well it is the fast that Daniel went listed in the bible. It is basically a vegan diet – in plants whole grains, water etc. you omit all animal products refined sugars etc.

How structured a person is in their fast is up to them and God. Here is a basic outline of how His warring Handmaid.com outlines their annual fast.

Although my collection is of recipes for the Daniel Fast (click link for our collection) is slowly growing, I thought I would share a simple collection of “No Sugar” vegan webpages that will help kick start those who are fasting at this time of year.

The simple Veganista – not specifically for Daniel fasting but a great well rounded collection that has everything you crave from comfort foods and new ideas that are easily adaptable to the fast…almond crackers to vegan queso dip!

The Fat free vegan – this is a hearty meals full of protein packed veg.

Veganricha – creative adapted meals and desserts for those who enjoy a bit of cooking. Influenced by Indian flavours.

Oh she glows – this is their low sugar archive – so some changes may need to be made to make certain recipes fast friendly but this is a great site not limited to one style or flavour of cooking.

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