Rainbow rolls

I love wraps. I think I love them because it doesn’t feel like your eating a salad. Also it is just as customizable as any taco.

When given the option between a wrap and a salad my youngest will always choose wrap.

Photo found at : funwithoutfodmaps.com

This list below is a selection of optional ingredients – only choose what you like eat and customize your wrap.

  • 6 large collard green leaves, romain lettuce or kale
  • Peanut, Sunflower seed butter or hummus
  • red bell pepper julienned
  • tomato sliced
  • yellow bell pepper julienned
  • carrots julienned
  • English cucumber cut into thin strips
  • Avacado sliced thinly
  • mango or pineapple cut into strips
  • shredded red cabbage
  • red onion sliced
  • Sprinkle Shredded unsweetened coconut
  • Bean sprouts
  • mint leaves or 1 bunch cilantro leaves only

Trim tough stems off kale or greens.

Spread desired spread onto leaf as base

Layer chosen veg from above – one colour of veg at a time onto leaf so when rolled it will create rainbow effect.

Tuck leaf ends in and roll up like a burrito. Enjoy with spritz of lime

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