Pantry prep – the supply chain

With everything piling up this is what the local stores in bigger cities are looking like. The shelves are remaining empty too. Where before it took maybe a week to restock, the stores have no idea when or if they will ever get restocked on items. Everything from pandemic, union issues, transportation issues, and supply shortages created a perfect storm leaving stores bare.

Our stores here are not as bad, but if things do not improve they will follow suit. With pricing skyrocketing on things like meat and items belong rare – what do you do? Essentials like flour, eggs, yeast, are easy items to know if you bake but what else…and why?

I received an email from a lady who makes her living teaching pantry preparedness. In her email she outlines some of the foods to stock as of Jan 2022. She also explained why.

Here were some major items I pulled out of her list

1. Canned goods- there is an aluminum shortage and they cannot make the cans to meet demand in North America. If your favourite products are tins then watch for them. As chances are the shortage will catch up with manufacturers. This includes all tinned or metal items so soda beverages etc are being impacted

NOTE: This will also impact canning lids and rings so stock up BEFORE canning season hits.

Alternative if needed – what do you do if you cannot find canned items – Search for glass or Opt for dried items and reconstitute.

2. Ethnic foods – especially Italian, Chinese and Israeli products- many of these countries have been hard hit by pandemic and restrictions. Effecting labour force, transportation and more. Also Israel is now in a year of rest now meaning majority of agriculture will not be harvested for international use for the next year. Foods we take for granted like olive oil & pasta are becoming increasingly hard to find.

What to do- do not be brand loyal for dried foods like pasta, buy what you can when you can. Make your own or switch to alternative oils.

3. Coffee & Chocolate – not only labour, supply chain issues but major natural disasters in the last year have taken out a lot of the current crops or drastically reduced production. It can take months if not years to recoup the production capabilities. So if you are a coffee hound, you may want to shop when you see it.

5. Meat – as many have seen prices sky rocketed with all meat especially beef. Farmers often do a spring butchering so if you have freezer space space, start setting aside some money now to buy in bulk (quarter or half cow) can really help save. Our direct farm butchering is half the cost per pound, then found in the grocer.

Another alternative is consider going vegetarian a few nights a week.

6. Pet supplies- even if you are not brand loyal sometimes pets are. Supply chain issues are across the board – remember even pets are effected. If your finding your food is running short stock up, or switch to a locally made healthy brand. We use a local made small batch brand that delivers right to my door from the mill. So no retail supply chain issues.

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