Victory Garden

It seems more and more that food security is up to us. With headlines from Bloomberg shouting the shortages because of the Ukrainian war, Russia owning most of the worlds potash – a fertilizer or the UN siting bad crops, weather and pandemic there is no shortage of research that tells us the grocer shelves may be unreliable at times in the near future.

It is strange how not many governments or media outlets are encouraging victory gardens. Rationing in the USA was a combination of policies. One to put a price cap ceiling to stop inflation, and another to limit consumption. Fabrics, dairy, sugar, coffee, tools, school supplies, even firewood and coal, these were all supplies families would have to save rations for. Victory gardens supplemented the families grocery bill. So their rations went further to buy things that the family could not produce on their own.

We have a small urban victory garden. In our garden we planted raspberries, and blackberries. We also have a small strawberry patch which the kids love to nibble on. We plant food we can freeze or can. Beans, lots of tomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers. You would be surprised at how much can fit into a small space with good soil.

I supplement our garden by buying bulk local produce that I cannot grow on my property – when avail in season. Like sweet corn , apples, peaches. Etc.

I encourage you to plant those gardens, patio planters or indoor hydroponic gardens. With todays tech there is no reason ANYONE cannot have some kind of producing plant where they live. Even the smallest home can have herbs or try reputable mushroom kits if it’s low light.

Victory Gardens!

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