Inconvenience and other truths

We all have our ideas of what our life is suppose to look like and when. Things seldom come when the are “suppose” to. Overdue, early or sometimes a complete surprise.

Roe vs Wade headlines splashed across my screen, screams of human rights and Life could almost be heard in the picture. I read a bit and click the next article. The situation a little too close to home. Emotions a little to raw.

You see, Just over 40 years ago a young women sat alone in a clinic. The Recommended course of action, abortion. Not because of any medical threat to the women’s life, but simply because she was unprepared and unwed. After all, her family would likely disown her and Canada has no abortion laws

As that young women picked up her purse to leave with the abortion appointment in hand, a nurse came to her. Asked her how her day was and spoke words of encouragement. That clung to the recesses of her mind.

For the next several months that abortion office number sat within view, after each fight or emotional breakdown she could see it – but each time she picked up the phone the nice nurse’s words filled her mind. She would hang up.

That following spring, in the middle of a storm, in a hospital without hydro, a daughter was born. Me. I was given a chance of living. Simply because someone spoke.

That is the power of a spoken word…

The tongue has the power of life and death,

and those who love it will eat its fruit.

Proverbs 18:21

How often do we fail to speak, because, it’s not our place, we are nervous or uncomfortable. It’s inconvenient, a bad time. Don’t have the right words…I am guilty, me, of all the people who should know and be speaking encouragement. Oh I Know I should yes, but I stumble in fear. What if I say the wrong thing, what if I make a fool ….

But then I remember … if your really weighing risk….what if I don’t, is a heavier risk to take- don’t you think? So take this post as a challenge, to lift that voice and exercise that power you have simply by speaking into another’s life today

~ Gentle Donkey

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