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Written : Sept 2 1988

I love food…

Why else would person write a food blog? Perhaps, the type of blog, is more the story. How does a classically trained urban Patisserie chef come to write about farmhouse style preparedness blog?

It did not start that way, This blog started as an adventure in plant based eating – It started as a resource to help people find food exciting but shortly discovered that my passion in writing about vegetables was lacking. The lost art of canning preserving is something I truly find fascinating. New recipes to share and exciting flavours to try.

I want Gentle Donkey to help men and women prepare food the way our grand fathers & mothers had- many years ago. The way God had intended – Preserve the bounty…instead of buying a box. Use that pantry. Live out of The abundance of your pantry- not lack.

Gentle Donkey is a resource to help everyday cooks make versatile flavourful meals, treats and preserves using pantry staples and prepare their home pantry for the coming year. You will find tips and tricks , along with recipes for delicious safe canned good for your pantry.

Come feast with me, every week on this new adventure as we journey towards our King.


Me ~ age 2

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

1 Corinth 10:31