• Summer time popsicles – 3 healthy ways
    With climatologists warning that this summer could be hottest on record, we are finding inventive ways to cool off. Popsicles or lollies are a simple way to do that. Conventional store bought lollies are nothing more then corn syrups, food colouring and artificial flavours. We are a smoothie crew. With some who desperately need the…
  • Power of prayer, Puppies and Sour Dills
    Un.Sol.ics.ited : Uninvited, not asked for, or done voluntarily. We have all had our share of unsolicited advice. I got some at the beach. A Repost – for Canning Season I had a puppy. 1 year has gone by since then and he is much bigger now. He is not a covid dog, impulse buy…

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